Cashletes. Financial Champions.

Cashing In

The Cashletes brand represents the relentless pursuit of financial victory. The Cashletes website underwent an overhaul to keep up with the fresh new visual direction the brand was taking. The online destination for the brand required development of an engaging e-commerce platform as well as a blog. We utilized Shopify and WordPress to execute just that.

Drafting The Roster

In order to collect leads the landing page of the Cashletes website was equipped with multiple email signup forms– a pop-up modal and a pre-footer section.

Shopping Spree

The shop pages of the website spared bells and whistles to let the bold product designs stand out on their own. The product index grid features a column toggle and essential sorting functionality.

The Breadwinners Uniform

Cashletes required design of a multitude of apparel product types, including jackets, t-shirts and headwear. We remained true to the brand’s signature aesthetic to create a collection of finished pieces that do a great job of representing the Cashletes heritage.

Wealthy Results

The end result is a clean, sporty design that is carried throughout every aspect of the brand, physical and digital.