Hudson Lofts. Luxury Living.


The Hudson Lofts concept design is an ode to the high-rise, luxury apartment boom in the New York metropolitan area. We took Hudson Lofts from inception to fully branded and ready to lease.


The Hudson Lofts logo mirrors the building structure, with a crisp composition of perpendicular lines that create an abstract impression of the apartment’s exterior while doubling as a monogram. The color palette selection reflects the dark interior vibe with pops of brass accents.

Welcome Home

The landing page of the Hudson Lofts website let’s visitors step directly into an apartment unit as they begin their search for their next apartment. Affixed to the bottom of the screen is an apartment search tool as a primary call to action. To give the beautiful apartment photography more than enough space, the main navigation is tucked away into a slide-in menu.

Quality Crafted

Hudson Loft’s apartment features are spotlighted throughout the homepage, in the form of photography-backed call-outs and photo galleries. Copy is kept to a minimum as the photos say more than enough.

Your Next Apartment

To close in on leads, the landing page concludes with an apartment search tool, displaying an intuitive filter and floor plans of available units. The footer of the site contains necessary information for prospects and current tenants.

Mobile First

The Hudson Lofts website was designed with the mobile apartment hunter in mind, with a layout that transitions gracefully into vertical format— complete with a sticky call-to-action and bold, scannable copy.