ShotKam. The Perfect Shot.

Ready, Aim, Record, Fire

Shotgun enthusiast company ShotKam needed a website that focused on selling their flagship product by the same name. As an innovative technical product, the website had to provide as much information as possible to showcase their patented firearm-attached camera in a number of different ways.

Purchase Ready

Using the company’s provided design comps, and with Shopify as the platform of choice, we set out to execute the vision of the ShotKam online shopping experience.

Media Gallery

While Shopify is a robust platform with loads of features and functionality, some of the key design features of the ShotKam website could not be executed in a user friendly way without a little bit of hacking. Various forms of dynamic content were implemented in clever ways, including a homepage video collection.

Responsive Accuracy

The ShotKam site was built mobile-friendly, with seamless responsiveness and an arsenal of features: Tabbed content that can be easily edited; Blog section with dynamic educational video content and a variety of different content setups; Advanced individual product content with multiple levels of information presentation.